Ultimate Billing Block Collection

The Ultimate Movie Poster Billing Block Collection is a set of over 28 fully editable billing block text templates for movie poster designs of not only the modern era, but distinct styles from the 1960s, 1970’s, and 1980’s. Whether designing a film poster for a personal project or a commissioned work, the set-up/creation of an appropriate billing block is a tedious, but necessary part of the project (and from creating this collection, I can definitely confirm this!). With this in mind, my goal was to provide a comprehensive solution that not only covered modern poster design, but a variety of easily editable, accurate templates from eras of the past that could be easily applied to any poster and allow designers to not have to create their block from scratch — regardless of style. My own personal search for billing block solutions felt lacking and were limited exclusively to modern film poster design, so my hope is that this collection fills the void.