Category Graphics

Acid Shapes

Pick this up, and you can enjoy making high quality content from all manner of abstract shapes. Don’t let your creativity become stifled by having a lack of invention – use these vector shapes to make something that is going…

Wires 4

Set of 120 abstract wired design elements with a colourful gradient effect, suitable for your website, app, apparel, packaging, flyers, posters,….as logo or design element for themes like energy, dance, movement, power, music, technology, science, communication, math, digital art,.

Mushrooms Illustrations

The Mushrooms Collection includes a total of 250+ items, carefully created to be absolutely original and high quality. The illustrations are a fantastic resource to create logos, brochures, decorations, textures, patterns and anything else you can think of.

Retro Vibes Abstract Paper

Retro Vibes Abstract Paper – Abstract Landscape, Sunrise, Rainbows with retro groovy hippie style, leopard/zebra skin and grunge scanned paper in Terracotta, bright yellow, orange, Earthy, Deep Blue, pale green and yellow lemon colors.

Newspaper Clippings

Newspaper Clippings PNGs This cool product made by the Indieground Team gives you a quick & easy graphic resource that you can use to create cool typography artworks & grunge collages with real vintage newspaper pieces including front pages, articles, advertising and random headline words. A…

Wireframe Shapes

This kit includes a collection of 128 wireframe shapes, in various categories such as grids, geometric shapes and abstract elements. They can be combined to create unique compositions or added as accents to your designs for a retro futuristic vibe.…

Cutout – Backgrounds, Shapes + Logos

This set of abstract shapes and backgrounds allows you to completely customize colors in Illustrator. Compositions were created using vector shapes. The texture on top is a seamless raster pattern that gives this pack a unique look. You can play…

Earthy Abstract Shapes + Logos

Earthy Abstract Watercolor Shapes, Backgrounds and Logos. This pack is full of watercolor shapes, backgrounds and pencil branch sketches. I have also included three sets of logos for those of you who would like to incorporate it easily into your…