Lemon Milkshake Typeface and Dings

Say hello to Lemon Milkshake! A sweet little layered goody-two-shoes handwritten all-caps typeface 🙂

Available in three variants – Regular, Upright and Slanted – pick the one that suits your project best. Each variant has it’s equivalent inline font you can use over the top of it. The inline font can even be used stand alone as a complimentary font.

Lemon Milkshake comes with a sweet little extra dingbat font! – jazz up your designs with hearts sparkles and pops in a jiffy 🙂 As a bonus – the dings are also included as individual pngs, Photoshop brushes and Procreate brushes.

Great at small or large sizing – Lemon milkshake is great for small body type or larger display headlines.

With built-in OpenType kerning – letters are spaced nicely – no odd-looking pairs.

Language Support : Danish, English, Finnish, French,German, German (Switzerland), Italian, Norwegian Bokmål, Norwegian Nynorsk,Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, and Swiss German.