Floralia watercolor wedding crests

Introducing my new Watercolor Collection “Floralia Aquarelle”, a treasure trove inspired by the elegance of the Regency era and the enchanting world of Jane Austen’s novels. Immerse yourself in a realm of refined beauty, reminiscent of Bridgerton’s opulence and the romance of Regency-era love stories. With a touch of Victorian charm and Old English allure, these meticulously crafted watercolor elements bring a royal and romantic ambiance to your designs.

Perfect for creating stunning wedding invitations or capturing the essence of a bygone era in any project, this collection invites you to evoke the grace and sophistication of the Regency era with every stroke. Indulge in the romance of the past with these captivating watercolor elements and create timeless works of art that transport your audience to a world of regal enchantment.