There are 25 houses on our street. Nobody of my neighbors have never celebrated Halloween: no decorative cobwebs, no candles, no scary costumes. Only once, near the house of Mr. Perkins, there was some kind of half-rotten pumpkin lying around, but most likely, someone didn’t finish it. Oh, what are boring! Only in one of the houses there always prepare very carefully for this day, but everything looks somehow strange: instead of traditional pumpkins with candles, a lot of animal food and strange sweets are scattered near the house. It turned out to be the home of an old retired veterinarian, who was attacked by the ghosts of those he treated, every night of October 31st. So that I wouldn’t suffer the same fate, I decided to treat my work very scrupulously, and in this set of illustrations depicted approximately what could chasing on my neighbor on Halloween night.