Beige Social Media Contract Template

Whether you’re working for yourself or are planning on starting your first job, this freelance social media manager contract will help you establish a professional relationship with your clients. This social media manager contract outlines the terms between the client and social media manager, including rates, project details, and copyright transfer.

Are you planning to manage a company’s social media accounts and they so not have a social media policy in place? This listing includes a policy to get you started.

It’s important to have a social media manager contract when working with clients so that everyone is on the same page. By establishing clear expectations from the beginning and defining what “good” looks like, you can avoid misunderstandings and make sure your clients are happy with the outcome of their project.

THIS DOCUMENT: ☑ saves hours of time from creating your own document ☑ is perfect for those just getting started ☑ includes a social media manager contract that can be edited in either Microsoft Word, Apple Pages or Canva ☑ includes a social media policy which is editable in Word or Pages ☑ is professionally designed and all documents are 8.5in x 11in

FEATURES: ★ Professionally designed document ★ Fully customizable Canva template for the Invoice, SMM Audit and Contract ★ The ability to edit the Contract in Canva, Pages or Microsoft Word ★ Templated sections for you to drop your client’s information in ★ The ability to use the free version of Canva ★ Includes two bonus documents – Invoice and Social Media Audit document

NOTE: Due to the differences in platforms, there will be some slight design differences between the Canva, Word and Pages files.