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Canva Cookbook | Recipe Book Template

Are you a budding chef that needs a recipe book to showcase your delicious creations or possibly a restaurant that wants to convert this template into a menu for your guests.

The most professional, useful, creative, detailed, original and truly real cookbook ever designed! We began from real recipes, used real photos and included all the photos in this template for the inspiration. We’ve included all the industry standards and all the dynamics a recipe includes for easy editing. You can use it with multiple programmes/apps (Adobe InDesign, Affinity Publisher, CANVA), customize the dimensions or publish it as an e-book or print it right away!

In this template, we have included tips, special notes and internationally accepted “Beef Charts / Cut Charts” that you can fully customize! With over 15 layout designs, you can reproduce your recipes and details, combine the pages as you wish and create a wonderful recipe book. With this cookbook, you will experience premium firsts and you will be able to professionally share your wonderful recipes with your family, guests, customers or the whole world on online platforms!

Creating a cookbook is super easy with our user-friendly template. Customize fonts, add images, and more. Our templates lets you add personal touches on your cover and throughout your book. Open the template in either Adobe InDesign, Affinity Publisher or CANVA and replace the content with your own. Either send it to print or save it as a pdf and email it to the client. These template include original text and photograph too so you have a guide on what to write where!