HARMONY Brand Guidelines

Save time and present your work like a PRO with these done-for-you brand guidelines with all of the text and images (and mockups!) included! Fully editable in Adobe Indesign, Illustrator, and Canva!

➡️ What are brand guidelines?

Brand guidelines, also known as brand style guides, are comprehensive sets of standards that dictate a brand’s visual and verbal representation. These guidelines cover aspects such as color schemes, typography, logo usage, tone of voice, imagery style, and more. Brands require these guidelines to ensure consistent representation across all platforms, mediums, and touchpoints, whether digital, print, or in-person.

➡️ Why you should create brand guidelines?

If you’re a designer working on brand identities, you need your designs implemented correctly! I’m sure you’ve either been in a situation (or know someone who has been) where you’ve designed the perfect identity for your client and then delivered the work while feeling really satisfied with the outcome. But when you look up how the company uses your designs a month later you just want to cry. It looks nothing like you envisioned! Maybe they’ve added drop shadow to the logo, use the wrong fonts, or picked some really bad stock images to go along with their brand assets. Well, that’s why you NEED to deliver the brand guidelines!