HAUS | Brand Sheets

*Haus Brand Sheets are a set of 20 templates that help you to organize your branding elements in one simple, beautiful page layout. Whether you’re pitching to clients or showcasing your work on social media, these templates are an ideal way to present your brand. The templates are provided in a 1920 x 1080px vertical format, making them perfect for Instagram stories and Pinterest posts. With Haus Brand Sheets, it’s easy to share brand concepts with clients or design brand elements that go together on one page. Haus Brand Sheets are a must-have for any designer looking to create a professional, cohesive brand.

Also known as Brand ‘One Sheet’ or Style Sheet, the brand sheets are a way to present the key elements of your brand identity on a single page. The brand sheet projects a company’s identity and defines how your clients, customers and partners view that business. They provide space for typography, logo lock-ups, color palettes, photography, social media posts and more.*