MIEL / Brand Proposal

introducing MIEL brand proposal, a perfect companion to deliver your customized offer to your selected client list with less hassle yet more professional and original. Completed with company summary, case study, project overview, concepts offered, how we work, objective opportunities, budget estimation and more. Miel brand proposal is dedicated to creative workers who believe in their potential to grow and create a long list of leading clients on their hands. make an offer with the best impression that none can’t undermine your offer in numbers and talents

Customize your own need by changing the photos, texts, colors, mockup as all of them are editable and flexibly match for your purpose.

excellence features from MIEL:

  • Uniquely designed to express solid and attractive personal/brand character
  • Delivers fresh idea and content to stand out from the crowd
  • Features functional content to make a trustworthy offer
  • Freely use the original existing text & content for saving time searching ideas
  • All fonts, texts and photos are customizeable to flexibly fit with your creative purpose