Modern Mailchimp Email Template


Most of us are told that email marketing is a great way to connect with our customers, relate to our audiences, and share and sell products/offerings. That’s all fine and great, but how many of us actually know how to create a cool email? Yeah, they definitely didn’t teach that in school.

Enter The Newsletter Template: the fully customizable, beautiful, and easy-to-use solution for all your email marketing needs. So you can streamline and simplify your marketing and focus on what you’re good at in your business.

Created in Canva, a user-friendly free online design platform, this multi-section template is here to help you market your brand, showcase content, share your latest news, and build a strong, personable relationship with your subscribers.

Plus, you’ll find an extensive Instructional Love Note with a video tutorial library, unique newsletter ideas, and descriptions/explanations for each section of the newsletter, so you can feel confident as you make the template your own with every email you send.