Pricing Guide Photography | Canva

Introducing the JOLIE Pricing Guide for photographers. A strapping 29 pages-worth of professionally designed, fully customisable templates ready to use with Canva for outstanding presentation of your pricing. With JOLIE presenting your price list in a sleek, professional and orderly manner is as simple as it gets. Our templates can be adjusted and customised to your liking, making reaching out to your clients a breeze. Whether you specialise in portraits, interiors, weddings or even do editorials, commercial, product or lifestyle photography – the JOLIE templates have been carefully designed to be as flexible as possible. The JOLIE Pricing Guide is ready to use with Canva, an accessible, straightforward graphic design platform with which you can easily reach a coherent style of visual communication for your brand. The tool allows for easy manoeuvring of each element of the template, letting you swap colours, change typefaces and move each element around freely so that everything is perfectly to your liking.