Little picnic party by the river

Badger Boris loves to play his domra in splendid isolation to the accompaniment of the rustling tree leaves and the lulling murmur of the river. But since he is the only musician in the forest village, listeners constantly find him, wherever he hides, find and arrange tea gatherings around him. As a result, the badger Boris began to be called Boris Piсniс. Although he is constantly indignant and shouts that his name is Mr. Badger! At least that’s what Kenneth Graham called him in “The Wind in the Willows”, after reading which I decided to create this collection of illustrations, which also included Mrs. Squirrel, Mrs. Rabbit and Mrs. Mouse, although they weren’t mentioned in the book.

This set of illustrations is a constructor. It includes 2 PSD files with summer landscape elements on different layers. Turning layers on and off, moving elements, adding objects and animals, you will get a large number of cute compositions about warm summer, fun and friendship.